Boondocking The 66

April 7, 2019 Jeremy 1

Boondocking – the adventurous activity of taking an RV where real nature lovers typically prefer to bring a tent and cook on a campfire – … [more]

Three Days In

March 30, 2019 Jeremy 0

The last three days have been largely about acclimatising and prepping for the trip. Which means I’ve been pootling about in the car I rented … [more]

It’s Alive!

March 27, 2019 Jeremy 0

Though it is significantly smaller and less deadly than the second Death Star, this travel blog/website, as any self-respecting Star Wars fan would say, is … [more]

One Week To Go

March 22, 2019 Jeremy 0

This time next week I will be recovering from jetlag under the California sun but before I can even think about there, I have to … [more]

It All Starts Now

March 15, 2019 Jeremy 0

Six months ago I came up with the brilliant idea of connecting my Star Wars Celebration experience with an overland trip from Los Angeles to … [more]