The Story

Order 66 was conceived between breakfast and dinner one day in 2018 when I realised that Route 66 connected Los Angeles – my point of entry in the USA – with my destination – Chicago – where Star Wars Celebration 2019 was being held.

Route 66 Map

Quickly throwing some ideas in the air and seeing which landed face up, I decided that I was going to drive the iconic Mother Road in a camper, do some sight -seeing, catch up with friends and explore a region of America I’d never been to before.

It wasn’t until much later that the connection between Route 66 and the demise of the Jedi Order came to mind – and Order 66 Road Trip was born.

The plan fluxed and flexed between a grand experience shared among fellow Star Wars fans, with ideas of live blogging the trip, and a simpler plan of driving solo.

Reaching out to the fan community and doing some networking through contacts at various businesses and Star Wars licensees, I managed to get the loan of a camper from Apollo RV, some vehicle decorations and accessories from and Plasticolor and CECO Sinks providing local support in Los Angeles.

In the end, the decision was made for me: no one could get enough time away from work, so I am making the drive on my own. Which has it’s ups and downs: there’s no one to share the driving or the gas money but I have total autonomy over my timetable and tourist spots.

And that’s the preamble – the rest is to come!

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