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It’s hard to believe – that after a 13-year hiatus from Celebration – I’m here again. My first impression was it’s changed drastically: more people, more merchandise and this weird thing called swag. 

Even after four days of exposure, I’m still staggering around like a punch drunk fanboy (though stepping out into the icy wind soon sobers me up very quickly). I’ve managed to attend a few panels, as well as give few as well.

For the most part I have been covering LEGO Star Wars for Rebelscum, but on two occasions I, along with Graham (Brick Fanatics), Duncan (Star Wars Collectors Archive) and James (Jedi News), have given two presentations on our favourite subject – LEGO Star Wars toys. Both focussed on the 20th anniversary of the license. The first was to a packed out auditorium of nearly 400 seat Collecting Track room  (with people getting turned away) late on Friday, while the Saturday panel discussion at the LEGO booth was the polar opposite and only 30 or so came to watch.

Both were equally enjoyable though, and the icing on the cake was Jens Kronvold Frederiksen – the head of the LEGO Star Wars design team and the creator of the original UCS Millennium Falcon – showed up towards the end. He caught my eye and beamed me a big smile as I placed the UCS Millennium Falcon (1st edition) I’d just purchased from Rob, one of the denizens who inhabit the LEGO section of the Rebelscum forums, to replace the one I had to part with a few years back. After the panel, he and I had a 30-minute catch up and then he signed the box for me.

When I haven’t been writing up my various activities and various news announcements or giving panels I have been over at the Rancho Obi-Wan Experience performing a vital role and giving my clicking finger a major work out. 

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