Time Is Almost Up

It’s the closing days of Celebration and there’s so much (too much maybe) to catch up on, I don’t know where to begin. Where I left off is probably a good place, so here goes.

My night in Springfield, IL was uneventful – despite having a spot of bother with the black waste pipe – I got my laundry done, had a really hot shower and a good night’s sleep without the bother of any trucks revving, RVs generating or lights glaring. It was good to be surrounded by nature instead of tarmac!

Before hitting the road I got Minnie dressed up in her Plasticolor finery and added a touch of whimsy – that earned me a short-lived convoy and many honks/thumbs up on the drive in that morning.

The drive from Springfield to Chicago was the hardest one of the trip. The crosswind blowing the RV sideways meant I had to keep two hands on the wheels and two eyes on the road at all times, and with a constant stream of excited text messages from the Rebelscum/TheForce.net team keeping my phone pinging it was hard to keep my speed down. All I wanted to do was flatten the pedal get to Chicago as fast as possible.

After a couple of hours, I was on the edge of the city. Another hour later, care of a twenty mile tailback, I was still creeping towards the downtown towers – the impressive John Hancock Center was like a magnet to my eyes and eventually I crept through the traffic and found myself navigating towards the McCormick Center, home to Star Wars Celebration 2019, and into the truck marshalling yard that was my home’s home for the next five days.

All that remained was to enjoy catching up with old friends and enjoying the convention.

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