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Pops Arcadia Giant Soda Bottle
It cant be coincidence that the bottle is 66 foot tall, can it?

Last night was such a blur I had to re-read my last post to see what I’d covered and what I had forgotten. Uncommonly, the blur continued today when I woke up at 9 am having had a bit of a rough night.

The interstate was closer than I thought and it stayed busy well past midnight when I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up my head was as cloudy as the sky was overcast, and I gave myself a slow start to the day. Not even the chocolate cream pie from Midway Cafe got me going.

When I did eventually muster up the energy to get the RV into gear it was gone noon. My first point of interest was Pops Arcadia, just outside of Oklahoma City. While most roadside attractions on Route 66 are either retro or ruins this is a modern addition that sells thousands of different fizzy drinks, all in glass bottles, to quench your thirst and has a fast food dinner to fill your stomach. 

Pops Arcadia Giant Soda Bottle
It can’t be a coincidence that the bottle is 66 foot tall, can it?

After leaving Pops I found myself in the town of Arcadia, just around the bend. I blasted past the Round Barn, but feeling guilty (this was meant to be a touristy day for me) I stopped to see what else was on show. As luck would have it I’d pulled over right next to what remains of the old wooden town. 

There were a couple of no trespassing signs near the buildings but they weren’t fenced off, so I respectfully wandered around this real-life Deadwood set.

The rest of the day passed in a bit of a fug. Route 66 in this part of Oklahoma is a so-so drive. None of the sweeping curves, fast straights or smooth road surfaces was to be enjoyed today so I plodded on through the green and wooded landscape, thinking that Spring hadn’t spent much time here yet.

Despite the humdrum views I encountered for most of the day there were some highlights that reminded me of where I was. No, I didn’t stop to take photos of the dead armadillos on the hard shoulder.

[pics to come]

As I edged into Tulsa I remembered how little fun I had passing through Albuquerque a couple of days previous. Pulling over to find an alternate route that didn’t take me through suburbs full of fast food restaurants, tyre and lube places and big box stores I discovered I’d inadvertently parked at Meltdown Diner, and as it was time for lunch my stomach growled with joy. 

Unfortunately, it was closed (being a Sunday) and I had to make myself a cheese and bologna sandwich to shut my rumbly tummy up. 

The rest of the day was a combination of old Route 66 and Interstate 44 to get me to Joplin, MO that started out as a lead mining town and has grown into a sizeable city. Not that I’ll see any of it – I’m on a mission from God, remember?

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