The Prelude Is Almost Over

In N Out frontage
In N Out: capital burgers

My time in here in Newport Beach is almost complete, and as I stroll towards my last chance at an In N Out burger before I leave for the king of drives tomorrow I’m contemplating how apt it is that my first and last lunch in California was at such a suitably named eatery.

In N Out #2
Possibly the last In N Out of the trip.

The only way it could have been more portentous is if my order number was… you guessed it, 66.

My tour of all the Target and Walmarts in Orange County has successfully filled my wife and son’s desire to fill every cabinet in our kitchen with Peeps has worked out.

As has my visit sit to the Disney offices in Glendale – where I spent a delightful time with two wonderfully generous licensing managers in their LEGO department.

The very kind people at Plasticolor – who was very quick to see the value in supporting O66RT – not only provided giveaways to share at Star Wars Celebration, seat cover, floor mats, air fresheners, dash accessories and a front windscreen shield but also graciously helped my reach the halfway point in my GoGetFunding campaign, which puts me close to being able to make a contribution to the charity work done by

With departure being less than 24 hours away I’ve picked up some food supplies – mostly the prepackaged and processed variety for convenience’s sake – for the road and made sure I’ve hit a few favoured fooderies, like having a clam chowder on the pier at San Clemente with Nancy and Claude, and a classic cheeseburger with Mark at the original Rubie’s Diner on Balboa Pier – as well as drinking A&W root beer like it’s going out of fashion – before I’m forced into a diet of noodles, hotdogs and soup.

And with all the heartfelt goodbyes done it’s time for a special g’day! to Class 5/6 at Ascot State School who are going to be following my adventures as part of a unique social studies and geography lesson.

The sun sets in California when the sun rises in Queensland

And so, tomorrow, I’ll be turning the GPS tracking on at around noon PST and you can follow me across the USA.


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