Plasticolor Supports O66RT

Plasticolor cup holder accessory
Plasticolor cup holder accessory

Would the good people of Plasticolor please step forward and take a bow please?

Yesterday I had the good fortune of meeting with the Star Wars Licensing Manager and the CFO at Plasticolor at their office in Orange County to receive the official word that they were supporting the Order 66 Road Trip project with a donation that should cover 50% budget I’ve allowed for fuel, and have provided a whole bunch of their licensed Star Wars car accessories to deck out the motorhome I’ll be driving and living in for the next couple of weeks.

For sure my motorhome is going to be the most tricked out RV on Route 66 and I’ll be declaring “Warp speed, Mr Sulu” every time pull away from the lights.

And as a special treat for Celebration-goers who visit the Rebelscum booth in the Exhibitors Hall, there will be a selection of key chains being given away care of Plasticolor.

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