Up, Up And Away

QF15 Boeing 789
QF15: my home for the next 13 hours

I’m off! Well, I’m sat at the boarding lounge at Brisbane airport waiting for my boarding gate to open so we can all shuffle into a tin tube and share our CO2 for 13 hours.

QF15 Boeing 789
QF15: my home for the next 13 hours

But I have a plan – one that has a proven track record: dose myself up, have a meal and a glass of plane red, sleep for 11 hours and then wake up, reasonably refreshed, in LA, ready to do Wednesday all over again.

(It’s weird to think that I take off at 10 am on Wednesday and land at 6 am yours n the same day. Time travel for sure. But I think the universe will get it back in spades when I come home.)

Separating myself from the family for so long was hard, and it’s not something I really ever enjoy. Oscar was as brave as he could be, and I was the first to break down. He saw the chink in my resolve and pleaded for me not to go. Disappointing him was a hard thing to do, and leaving him and Rae behind for do information isn’t something I want to have to do again.

Footnote: the beautiful sunny weather we’ve enjoyed in Queensland ended its winning streak today, and Autumn arrived with cold win.

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